Back…With A Rider Kick!

I didn’t realize it’s been months since my last post. But I haven’t done any project in particular anyway. I did took some pictures of some figures I haven’t yet to review. But somehow, I haven’t made any progress on them. I put the blame on slow connection of mine so it’s a chore to upload so many pictures, but maybe the one  I need to blame is myself. Or specifically my laziness. BUT now I’m back in the mood. I don’t know if I can finished reviewing things I have, but at least this blog won’t be neglected that long.  So, to make this post meaningful, I’ll just say I’m watching Kamen Rider Agito now.

Wait, what? Kamen Rider? Well to be honest I was a Kamen Rider fan even before I became Gundam fan. Ask anyone around my age in my country about Kamen Rider Black (and Black RX). It was such a HUGE success. Every boy wished to become Kamen Rider like Kotaro Minami. Every girl dreamed to be with Kotaro. It’s not an exaggerated thing to say that Black/RX is a huge phenomenon back when it first aired.  And years later Kamen Rider still have a special place in my heart. Anyway, that’s my justification for suddenly having Kamen Rider in this blog. Well it will be here eventually because I have Kamen Rider related figures I bought more than a year ago. So yeah,  Kamen Rider.

If you’re asking why I randomly put a picture of that badass Another Agito there, well I have watched up till 46 episodes so far. Picture related. Just watch episode 46 to find out the relation. Anyway, once I finished Agito (just 5 more episodes!) maybe I’ll write my thoughts about it.


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