1/72 Crest CR-C98E2 Nineball Ver. Review (Part 3)


Moving on with Nineball arms and legs. Just like Mirage head and Crest Core combo, Nineball also has Mirage arms and Crest legs. So, excluding weapon, Nineball has equal amount of both company parts. Ok, that’s just mildly interesting trivia. Anyway, parts count still amaze me. But then having to build them twice is such a torture. Well, that’s common thing in building humanoid mech models.

Arms: A05-Langur

I forgot to take more pictures of the arms, but this one will suffice.
The elbow can only bend 90 degrees and the wrist can only rotate.

Arms construction is pretty much like Bandai gunpla. Except that this one has more intricate exterior parts. And while the articulation seems unimpressive, it’s actually accurate to its source material. Other than unused extension slot, no gimmick for the arms. Game-wise, I have no particular favorite for non-weapon arms aesthetically or technically. This Langur is decent arms design I think.
Legs: CR-LH80S2

The legs, separated into three components.
Upper sections are different for both left and right, but below the knee they are perfectly symmetrical.
DSC00930_(800_x_600) DSC00931_(800_x_600)
Range of articulation. Standard 90 degrees bend for the knee.
Ankle joint is cleverly designed though, so it can bend far more than it looks like.
In the game, legs and waist are in one package.
So here’s the waist. Not much to say.
DSC00934_(800_x_600) DSC00935_(800_x_600)
And here’s the legs, as seen in the game’s parts selection screen.
DSC00936_(800_x_600) DSC00937_(800_x_600)
80S2 is mid-weight legs with medium load and medium speed.
Pretty good if you want balance.

The legs naturally got more parts than arms. And most of them are big and easier to clean and handle. Again, range of articulation is accurate to the source material (ACs never meant to do something like Char’s kick anyway). Kneeling pose is doable, but a bit unnatural. But hey, being a special AC, Nineball doesn’t have to kneel to fire its back cannon. Even that impostor Baby’s Breath got OP-I. So, no kneeling necessary LOL. Anyway, we have all basic parts completed. How about assembling them?

DSC00938_(800_x_600) DSC00939_(800_x_600)
DSC00940_(800_x_600) DSC00941_(800_x_600)
Looking good there. Being based on CG model, of course the proportion will be perfect.

Now only weapons left…which I will build next.


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