1/72 Crest CR-C98E2 Nineball Ver. Review (Part 4)


Short update for the weapons. They’re naturally simpler in construction than other parts. And…Not much else I can say actually.

Arm Unit (R): CR-WR93RL (Linear Rifle)

Very simplistic construction with only four parts, the fewest in this model.

This linear rifle is one of my favorite weapon in game. Balanced power and ammo count, good for both mission and arena battles. And I always prefer solid weaponry to energy ones. I also love the look of this weapon. Looks powerful and (maybe intentionally) a lot more similar to legendary KARASAWA rifle of the old AC, compared to Nexus-Last Raven “real” KARASAWA, WH-04HL KRSW. The only reason why I rarely stick to this weapon is because it’s always a secret weapon, not available in the shop from start. And I usually unlock it when I already comfortable with my AC build using another weapon. Oh well.
Arm Unit (L): CR-WL69LB (Laser Blade)

Much smaller than the rifle, but consisted of a bit more parts (6 to be exact).

This laser blade is actually the weakest version, the one player starting with. Guess upgrading the blade is the least priority for Nineball. Model wise, this one didn’t come with any effect part at all. I haven’t tested if Bandai MG saber blades can fit.
Back Unit (R): Magoraga (Micro Missile)

DSC00954_(800_x_600) DSC00953_(800_x_600) DSC00950_(800_x_600)
Kinda hard to choose the angle here, since it’s basically a brick anyway.

Micro missile is my favorite kind of missile in AC.Individually, it’s weaker than small missile but it always launched in swarm. Thus it’s great to overwhelm anti missile system the enemy has. Plus cool effect of Itano circus. Can’t ignore that. But Magoraga here is my least favorite. Because it has the least amount of missiles in one swarm. Only five, while my favorite Kinnara has seven (and they both have the same attack power per missile). And there’s also one that launched nine but I haven’t got any success unlocking it in Last Raven. Anyway, model-wise, it doesn’t have any kind of hatch-open gimmick which is quite a letdown. And for such simplistic brick it has quite some parts, even more than linear rifle. Lastly, parts included to convert it so it can plug into left back weapon slot.
Back Unit (L): CR-WB78GL (Grenade Launcher)

The launcher in folded position.
The launcher in firing position.
DSC00949_(800_x_600) DSC00948_(800_x_600)
The length of launcher in folded mode is around 10.5cm and 16.2cm in firing mode.
Quite successful making it compact when unused.

This grenade launcher has been around since the first game. It’s not the most powerful, but it’s a symbolic weapon for an AC. And this grenade launcher is also one defining feature of Nineball. Stat-wise, other than high attack power it also has high attack heat since the shell is exploded upon impact. But on minus side, it only got 12 round of ammo and slow attack speed (interval between firing, not shell travel speed). As for its plastic incarnation in this model, I’m satisfied with the folding gimmick. It’s solid and easy to pull. However, since the hinges are all plastic, I advise caution and careful handling. Also, it needs painting and weathering or at least panel lining to make it not looking so plain and plastic (I painted the sensor blue). Like Magoraga, it also came with parts to change it as right back weapon instead.
Well, all parts are completed so the next post will be about the completed model.


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