1/72 Crest CR-C98E2 Nineball Ver. Review (Part 5-Final)


Well it only took few seconds to put the weapons into already finished model, but I need time for completed model photoshoot. And here it is, the completed 1/72 Nineball from Kotobukiya.

Overall View

DSC00961_(800_x_600) DSC00969_(800_x_600) DSC00967_(800_x_600)

DSC00966_(800_x_600) DSC00968_(800_x_600) DSC00971_(800_x_600)
Obligatory all sides shot.


DSC00973_(800_x_600) DSC00974_(800_x_600)
Summary of articulation,
Left: obligatory Dalong pose
Right: Whole torso goes 360 degrees turn
DSC00975_(800_x_600) DSC00976_(800_x_600)
Maximum vertical range of the head.
DSC00979_(800_x_600) DSC00980_(800_x_600)
Left: maximum forward and upward movement range of the shoulder. Quite disappointing.
Right: rotation point just below shoulder armor; similar to Bandai Gunpla.
DSC00978_(800_x_600) DSC00977_(800_x_600)
Maximum leg spread and kneeling pose. I’ve said before that it’s not really good.


DSC00981_(800_x_600) DSC00982_(800_x_600)
And now some action! Here’s Nineball shooting while strafe-boosting to the left.
DSC00983_(800_x_600) DSC00984_(800_x_600)
Enemy airborne! Enemy below!
Want to take some aerial pose but too lazy to dust my Action Base
EO deployed. One small Action Base was conveniently nearby though, so I used it for this.
My camera is out of focus It moves so fast it’s blurred!
DSC00987_(800_x_600) DSC00988_(800_x_600)
Deploying missiles…sort of. Since the missile container is one solid brick,
I can only tilt it to show as if I’m selecting the missile as my weapon.
And now Nineball’s signature weapon, the grenade launcher. Just unfold it to deploy
(And just pretend we have OP-I because kneeling pose sucks).
DSC00991_(800_x_600) DSC00990_(800_x_600)
It looks great from any angle.
Especially from Behind. Oh yeah.
DSC00995_(800_x_600) DSC00994_(800_x_600)
In high angle like this, the launcher looks like an artillery cannon now.
Totally cool.
Folding it back after used.
This model doesn’t came with blade effect parts, but this one from Bandai 1/100 Wing Gundam Zero Custom
fits nicely, and look convincing enough.
DSC01000_(800_x_600) DSC00999_(800_x_600)
Unfortunately, doe to limited shoulder movement, it’s not possible to replicate
blade slash pose. This is probably the real reason why Koto didn’t bother to include the blade.
I noticed some direct sunlight passing through my window, then I put the blade
in the exact sunlight spot. Voila! Free light-up effect!…That only lasted for few minutes.

I’ve put my thoughts on each parts and weapons, on both model and game incarnation, previously. As a whole,this model feels solid and feels different Koto Alteisen Progressive ver. I’ve built earlier. Most (not all, there are still exception) parts connected tightly and the joints are tight as well. I’ve said before this could be a bad thing if you want to take it apart for a reason. Just be careful or plan your build. Next, about number of parts. Even for deceivingly simple looking legs there are many many parts, making it solid and not hollow at all. Again, this huge number of parts can be daunting too. Again, I suggest being careful and patient when building this model, try not become frustrated. My frustration came from having to clean numerous nubmarks, especially in small parts. And speaking of nubs, Koto isn’t much better or worse than Bandai. Sometimes it’s cleverly concealed, sometimes it’s clearly exposed in undesirable location. Not much differences between both company. As for articulation, except for shoulders, it’s true to source material so not much complain on that


The last hurdle is the price. This thing cost the same with Bandai Master Grades, that have advantage over gimmicks (inner frame etc), articulation, accessories, parts count, playability, and (usually) size. It’s hard to compete with that. Plus not all AC kits has convenience amount of pre-painted parts like Nineball here so sometimes further work required. Unlike MGs that usually color accurate out of the box. Moreover the price of newer release are constantly increasing, being released in 2007 Nineball is 900 yen cheaper than 2010 released Oracle despite the content is roughly the same. So I’ll just recommend this to AC fans out there, or for those who want building something different. Building this is indeed something fresh to me.
And that’s it for Nineball. Now I gotta need to finish my backlog.


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