HGUC ORX-005 Gaplant TR-5 [Hrairoo] Review (Part 4)


Seems like I took a long absence from this blog. Well, real life and general laziness and all that. Anyway, done with the arms of Gaplant thus finishing all necessary parts for Gaplant. But not for the kit itself since Hrairoo parts are waiting next.


On top are cables for the upper arm, molded in white.
At the bottom are “armpit” parts, molded in gray.
One can see how much painting are necessary to achieve the result.
All component for the arms, minus polycaps.
Maximum elbow bend. Standard HG fare.
DSC01006_(800_x_600) DSC01007_(800_x_600)
Moving on to shield/booster/rife combo. The thrusters were jointed together (left),
but I separate them (right) so they look much better.
Then I painted the outer rim silver, with the rest, less-visible outer surface grey
in order to save precious silver marker I have.
Shield binder components. Not many there, just enough to pull its few gimmicks.
Size comparison of retracted mode (for MS) and extended (for MA mode) with a Gundam Marker.
Just plug them into the arm and done.

Review of (regular) Gaplant next.


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