HGUC ORX-005 Gaplant TR-5 [Hrairoo] Review (Part 5)


Since HGUC Hrairoo is HGUC Gaplant in different color and with additional parts, one can also build regular Gaplant out of the box. It only lacking the booster, but the main unit is still there. And thus this review can also applicable to regular HGUC Gaplant, in case anyone want to buy one.



Before we start, I want to clarify one thing. In previous part, the arms were built with the hollow section on the shoulders filled with an ABS part. That part is actually Hrairoo part and not from original Gaplant. I put it there because I don’t want to pry open the shoulder again when I build the Hrairoo part. But then I noticed that it hampers the transformation mechanism so I got them removed. With that out of the way, let’s get it on with the model now.

DSC01162_(800_x_600) DSC01165_(800_x_600) DSC01164_(800_x_600)

DSC01163_(800_x_600) DSC01167_(800_x_600) DSC01166_(800_x_600)
Obligatory multiple angle view.
DSC01168_(800_x_600) DSC01169_(800_x_600)
Arm articulation. The “armpit” part gave additional moving point although not so much.
DSC01170_(800_x_600) DSC01171_(800_x_600)
Leg articulation. Not much to expect.
DSC01173_(800_x_600) DSC01174_(800_x_600) DSC01175_(800_x_600)
Trying to make some action poses with the shield gun. One gun, two guns…different angles…
Not much variation for ground pose, let’s just stick it to its own display base.
Now that’s much better.
DSC01177_(800_x_600) DSC01179_(800_x_600) DSC01181_(800_x_600)
Just look at DEM THRUSTERS.
DSC01182_(800_x_600) DSC01185_(800_x_600) DSC01186_(800_x_600)
Trying out different poses.
DSC01189_(800_x_600) DSC01188_(800_x_600)
With beam sabers. Molded in dark blue, I painted the blade silver and the sprayed with Tamiya clear red.
Doesn’t look good due to my inexperience with spray paints (and I blame the wind too!).

Despite being an old HGUC, transformation for Gaplant is nicely designed and requires none of the parts removed nor adding new parts. Perfect transformation, one could say. The process is kinda confusing at first but later it’ll be easy to pull. I can’t find a way to easily explained the process but trust me, it’s not that hard. The resulting MA mode is solid and looks awesome as well. If I have to complain, the legs aren’t locked to anything. Luckily, they stay where they are and never had any problems (so far). Another complaint is that the base locked on “nose up” position and no other (since it was designed with additional booster parts in mind). With the comment done, now it’s time for some MA mode pictures.

DSC01156_(800_x_600) DSC01157_(800_x_600)

DSC01151_(800_x_600) DSC01152_(800_x_600) DSC01154_(800_x_600)

DSC01155_(800_x_600) DSC01159_(800_x_600) DSC01158_(800_x_600)

DSC01161_(800_x_600) DSC01160_(800_x_600)

The original Gaplant has dark bluish-green color scheme with a dash of red. In my opinion it looks very menacing and worthy of bad guy mech. This version has dark blue (almost black) and white with few yellows as accent. It’s surprisingly works well with Gaplant too, not losing any of its fierceness at all. I like how the yellow accent concentrated in the middle of the body. For something that is just undocumented bonus, this “plain” Gaplant is surprisingly nice. However, the model is clearly not designed to switch back and forth between Hrairoo and Gaplant. One must pry open tightly-joined parts to achieve that, better stick with one mode. If anyone want a Gaplant then it’s better to choose the original HGUC anyway. I mean, anyone who buy HGUC Hrairoo surely wants to build a Hrairoo and not a booster-less Gaplant with Titans Test Team color scheme. And so, I’ll start to build Hrairoo parts next.


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