Super Robot Is For REAL MEN

What is more manly than a Super Robot show?

Imagine, giants made from metal clashing, fighting to death. With burning spirit and hot-bloodedness , thousand times better than emo crap that cool kids nowadays like.

If you feel down, or despirited, just watch a Super Robot shows, or listen to their theme.

You’ll feel manlier than ever before!


The Beginning Of An Obsession (Part 1)

I’ve just finished building MG Wing Gundam and that thing proudly displayed on top of my CPU. Using Bandai Action Base 01, I display it on Bird Mode. Yes, that silly looking aircraft; it’s somewhat silly now, but it was the coolest thing I ever saw on TV.

Since Gundam Wing is my first Gundam series ever. And now, I want to to retrace the memory of how my obsession begins.

So I like robots ever since I was a child. I don’t remember exactly what triggers it. Before Gundam, Super Robot came first. I think it’s Voltus that my parents rent during VHS era but I’m still young to remember. TV also provided me with many robot show, from Japanese Super Robots, Super Sentai, and of course, Transformers. Other than those, there are 2 ‘real robots’ show that I saw before Gundam : Macross and Patlabor. I enjoyed Macross  but since it’s pretty similar to Transformes (Jets transform into robot and stuff) and it involves Alien, I thought it the same as other Super Robots (well I’m just a kid back then). And Patlabor, I’m amazed at how down-to-earth a Mecha show can be. I’m craving for more realistic mecha show, but alas, no internet that time so I just take whatever TV throws at me 😛

Anyway, all I know is that I have tons of robot toys, and I don’t want to accept any toys except robots. In my country, bootleg of Transformers toys are plenty and cheap so I collect a lot of them. The toy craze stops when I found a new hobby : video games in form of Super NES console. So then later, my brother borrowed a Super NES cartridge from his friend. I can’t read the title since it’s written in Japanese. So we plug the cartridge and play the game. It starts with catchy MIDI songs, a picture of a girl closing her eyes, and the some Japanese text (all I can make out is ‘AC 195’). The girl opens her eyes, and pictures of 5 boys, and then a white robot appears, the a white-blue-yellow-red robot firing its rifle, and then the title screen.

This is the one that responsible for my craze of Gundam :). You can google it for more info since it’s pretty popular among oldschool gamers. It has a fine game mechanics and I suggest to play it yourself with emulator if you’re interested. I’m hooked into its mecha design instantly. My favorite is Wing (not Zero), and my brother loves Deathscythe. We managed to beat the game from the easiest to hardest difficulty, kicking cheap-ass Epyon along the way. I have no idea of the story whatsoever. Who the heck is the girl on the opening and why the enemies are all female (Mercurius and Vayeate piloted by Noin and Lady Une respectively, and Zechs looks alot like woman with that long blonde hair :P)?! But then, we must return the game. And so, goodbye Gundam. I never thought that the game or even Gundam W in particular is a part of a huge universe. Not until later.

(To be continued 🙂 )

Macross II

Okay, so I just watched two first episodes of Macross II. Been meaning to do that for months but only had the time today. I’m too lazy to take screencap so to make this post less boring, I’ll just using the images I found by Googling. Yes, I’m a lazy bastard.

I know songs from Macross II from years ago, my favorite being ‘Banana Moon Love Song’ and ‘Hush of Million Years’. They both have 90’s J-Pop catchy goodness. Anyway, ‘Hush…’ turns out to be opening song. Cool. The OP sequence is cool too, the battle scene is blazingly fast and stylish. It gives me hope that this anime will be good.

The animation, considering that this is a early 90’s anime, looks great. Well, the early episodes at least.  But from the first scene, I can feel that it has choppy pacing and awful in storytelling. I think it’s even worse than Macross 7, but with less annoying main character. Still, Hibiki, our main man, is nowhere a likable character. I’ll hold my judgement until I watch all episodes.

Meanwhile, as for mecha…

We got sweet looking VF-2SS Valkyrie II. Looks cool and ‘modern’ enough for a VF that exist 80 years after VF-1 Valkyrie. Anyway, this is UN Spacy main VF for space use. For atmospheric use, they have VF-2JA which is less sexy. And wait till you see VF-2SS with SAP pack; wickedly cool.

I also noticed something that maybe less important and no one ever care about :

The helmet. Yeah, the pilot helmet in MII universe is unique, more like motorbike helmet than fighter jet pilot’s one. Since the face is mainly covered, it’s kinda hard to quickly recognize the pilot. Personalized helmet pattern might help but still, it’s not as easy as, say the one on Macross F.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I might write more, or maybe not. As for DX VF-25 and Arbalest reviews, I decided to take new photos so it will take a while.