Robot Damashii 035 ARX-7 Arbalest (part 2)

One year ago, exactly on the same date with today, I posted my first ever post of this blog. That is, unboxing of Robot Damashii ARX-7 Arbalest. To commemorate this blog anniversary, I’ll continue my review on this figure. One year delay, lazy me.

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HGUC & GFF ZZ Gundam Comparison

Since I have both HGUC ZZ Gundam and GFF ZZ/Full Armor ZZ Gundam, a comparison is to be expected. I just comparing HGUC with GFF ZZ on normal configuration, not enhanced or full armor form, for fairness reason. And it’s more of size and visual aspect comparison, not into articulation and gimmicks. As you can see from the first picture, HGUC (left) is bigger in most aspects than GFF. I’ll let pictures speak for themselves, but there’s one thing that I can’t shown on picture. Despite smaller build, GFF ZZ is actually heavier than its HGUC counterpart. Maybe it’s because the material, or because GFF have less hollow parts than a 1/144 kits. For sculpt and proportion, I’ll let you decide which one is better :).

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Revoltech Yamaguchi no.054 YF-21

I have this one for over a year actually, and yesterday I had sudden urge to play with it again. Revoltech will release its 100th entry by the time I write this so I think they are pretty popular and need no detailed explanation of what they are. All I can say is that they are small figures that fun to play with. They are made for dynamic posing, an opposite of Gundam Fix Figuration line that I reviewed before. Anyway, this is no 054 on Revoltech Yamaguchi line, YF-21 from Macross Plus. YF-21 is an experimental Variable Fighter (VF) that competes against YF-19 to become next generation VF for UN Spacy. For what happened to the competition, you can just watch Macross Plus. It’s a good anime, must see for any mecha or military enthusiasts.

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GFF #0022 MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam/FA-010S Full Armor ZZ Gundam (Part 1)

Taking  a break from MG OOQ, here’s the review of Gundam Fix Figuration #0022 MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam. This is not my first GFF actually, I owned #0038 Gundam MK.III that I bought around a year ago. So I know what I can expect. If you owned a GFF (especially the older one, not newer GFFN or larger GFFMC) you’ll know GFF nature as excellent display piece but poor playability. If you don’t, then I’ll tell you what’s good and bad from a GFF.

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DX Chogokin 1/60 VF-25F Super Messiah (Movie Version) Review Part 2

Okay, slow update here. I still got Arbalest review to go, but new stuff keep coming in, I can’t catch up :P. Not to mention my old collections that I planned to review. Oh well, let’s move on to part 2 of DX Chogokin Super Messiah. This time, the main feature : Transformation XD

Starting with the legs' fins. Open up the cover, fold in, done
Detach the legs from its pegs
Pull the ankles out *mmm, diecast XD*
Swing the arms out. Watch those tight shoulder joints.
Swing the knees forward

So that’s it. You get the GERWALK. Lame, huh? This is the weakest-looking mode for this toy, really half-assed effort by Bandai :P. I planned to ignore posing GERWALK and move straight to Battroid. But sometime later I managed to create somewhat-decent GERWALK by detaching thigh/intakes pegs and spread the legs as far as I can. Not really stable though.

Not really my favorite mode anyway, so it's a half-assed effort too

Move on to Battroid

Fold the nosecone into landing gear cavity
Fold the crotch area and lock the peg inside
Detach the back of the plane
This looks like a mess. Indeed it is 🙂
The tricjy part is to put over the upper body passing the front fuelage
Almost done; just adjust the neck, turn the head etc etc

The rest is no brainer. Just fiddle with the head, neck, and shoulder assemblies; fold the wings, attach the optional hands & shields, and you’re basically done. Another no-brainer is that you should remove the shield and gunpod before transforming this toy. I forgot that :P.
However adjusting the neck is a bit pain, but a little bit fiddling and you should get it right.

Reviews on Battroid will follow, along with the super parts and stand 🙂

DX Chogokin 1/60 VF-25F Super Messiah (Movie Version) Review Part 1

Okay, let’s get on to this. First, if anyone wondered what’s this “Movie Version” all about, I’ll explain. It’s actually re-release of earlier DX-Chogokin VF-25F, now with super parts and display base included (before, they are web limited item). The Messiah itself now sports (slightly) new color scheme, it has bluish tint instead of simple white and the red portions are bit darker. Not really noticeable unless you put it under direct sunlight, which is not advisable ^^ . The super parts also has lighter color, this time it’s really noticeable compared to the original. I’d prefer the darker super parts, but this one seems okay to me. And lastly, the base now has its SMS bottom plate painted, not just a hunk of black plastic anymore.

Now, let’s move on to the packaging, shall we? As you can see from the pictures in my previous post, the box is nothing special for an item that cost this much. It’s just slightly bigger than middle-class  Master Grade Gunpla like MG Exia box, without any gimmicks like plastic window common in Bandai action figures. It’s just…a box. The boxart doesn’t help much either. The layout isn’t that impressive, and worse those kanji made it looks like Chinese bootleg toys (no offense).

Anyway, inside the box you’ll find three layers of trays, two clear plastics for super parts and stand, and one styrofoam tray for the fighter itself.

Styrofoam? Yes, just like those 80’s toys. How nostalgic ^^; The best thing about this kind of package isn’t just nostalgia value or classy-looks, but also need no over the top ‘protection measure’ like those twisty wires and cellotape common on Gundam Fix Figuration line. The Fighter and its basic accessories just sit there, but you can rest assured they’re secured. The styrofoam itself was initially covered by a piece of rugged cardboard that taped on four directions.

All parts, including the manual, all wrapped in plastic. The fighter, gunpod , and its knife are loosely covered, meaning they aren’t sealed or taped of any kind. The optional hands are all individually sealed inside plastic bag.

The trays for super parts and stand are just clear vacuum-formed clear plastic trays that sandwiched the parts. Nothing interesting. People who bought earlier version of this without super parts add-on must be surprised with the box size. Without those add-ons, the box will just only 1/3 size and even smaller than MG boxes ^^.

Once you free the fighter from its styrofoam and plastic coffin, you need to unswept the wings, unfold the vertical fins, and detach the landing gears.

And of course you can open the cockpit as well. There, you’ll find irremovable Alto figure (or something close to that), with fairly detailed cockpit. Doesn’t matter, I’m just happy the canopy is nicely tinted blue, I don’t care less what’s inside.


Speaking about landing gears, they’re sadly unimpressive. Pardon the blurry photo, but you can see that it’s way too short. Those are diecast, fairly detailed, but the size just disappointing. The wheels do turn, but still less detailed and looks cheap.

Oh, well. Might as well put it on the provided display stand. More about the stand later, but next review will be about transformation; this toy main gimmick that is.