This Month Gunpla Builders Beginning D


Coincidentally with me building HGUC Gaplant TR-5 Hrairoo, this month edition of Gunpla Builders D in Hobby Japan also features Hrairoo. Gotta say the color scheme is looking great. If I have correct tools to paint my gunpla properly, I might use that color scheme for my Hrairoo. But not now unfortunately.


Excessive RXF-91 Custom Build

Found this image a while ago. Apparently it came from one of those Gundam Weapons book. So the modeller isn’t satisfied with just a pair of VSBR and slapped both of RXF-91 and 91A’s pair. That’s some creativity there, maybe I should do that with my RXF-91A too LOL.

A Sudden Revival

That mess of parts above is HGUC Hazel Custom. I bought it years ago on its initial release. And then I lost some parts so I just decommission it from the shelf and took them apart, hoping that I can use those parts for kitbash someday. But then, just today, I salvaged them and planning to clean them up and detailing them up. Why sudden interest? The answer will come in few days.

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Back…With A Rider Kick!

I didn’t realize it’s been months since my last post. But I haven’t done any project in particular anyway. I did took some pictures of some figures I haven’t yet to review. But somehow, I haven’t made any progress on them. I put the blame on slow connection of mine so it’s a chore to upload so many pictures, but maybe the one  I need to blame is myself. Or specifically my laziness. BUT now I’m back in the mood. I don’t know if I can finished reviewing things I have, but at least this blog won’t be neglected that long.  So, to make this post meaningful, I’ll just say I’m watching Kamen Rider Agito now.

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Tracking Down Some Old & New Japanese Songs (Thanks, Internet!)

One day I found this song on a Chinese Channel V, I was drawn immediately by its smooth, calm but mysterious melody. Can’t read any kanji so I don’t know the song’s title or even the singer. But I recognize that voice, I’ve heard  some B’z  songs and that voice is unmistakably B’z vocalist. He’s alone in that video clip, so it must be his solo career. Anyway,  after checking out that B’z vocalist name is Koshi Inaba, I went search on Youtube. Surely I found it, although that song isn’t really popular compared to his other song. I only found two videos, one studio version but with bad audio and a live version. Above video is the live version.

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Almost Done

Finally (almost) done with 1/100 RXF-91A. It took longer time than I expected since I ended up building parts for regular RXF-91. I didn’t plan to make the model convertible between normal and Kai version, but then, why not? Other than more work that is. Well, building an old model far from nifty features recent models have is such a great experience. Not all sweet, more annoyance and frustrations actually. But still, I don’t really regret doing this; now I can appreciate all of those improvement Bandai did over the past years and I know how exactly to deal with old kit such as this one.

More on that later, along with pictures of completed model.