A New Face

Guess who becomes cover boy for upcoming Newtype magazine.

Yep, it’s OO Qan[T]. We finally get to see detailed Qan[T] face, and boy, what a handsome mech (forgive me for saying that) ! The only thing that crossed my mind though, there must be a ton of detailing for the head parts of its HG kit should it came out. I guess I should invest in clear green paint. Y’know what, I bought a can of Tamiya clear red spray paint for HG OO Gundam red forehead. Yes, a whole spray can for just a tiny part. Well I need clear green for many things anyway, like sensors, GN condensers, and of course, gundam eyes XD. Anyway, I do hope this is the final design for Qan[T}.



Boxart design for the upcoming HGUC ReZel is revealed.

Looks awseome. The kit itself is tempting indeed, but I’ll wait for the commander version.  Why? Simple, it has BIGGER gun.

UPDATE : In case you didn’t get what I mean, here’s the comparison.

PSP wallpapers

Killing some time, I made this for my PSP. I thought I’ll share them here. Nothing fantastic, really. All I did was crop some pictures to fit into 480 x 272 pixels. Very easy, no matter what image editor you use. So here they are

Armored Messiah, Zeta and Kshatriya are taken from plamo boxart, Unicorn and Aegis are official art I came across some time ago, and Cherudim SAGA is a fanart. I want to credited the artist that drew the SAGA, or at least the link to his/her site, but alas I lost the link :P. And the last two pictures are screen shots from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (I believe those from 2nd season, Zoku) which has been on my harddisk for a long time. Gotta love Ikkyu-san startled expression, and you can’t go wrong with nekomimi girl wearing glasses (meganekko + nekomimi = meganekkomimi?) :).