1/72 Crest CR-C98E2 Nineball Ver. Review (Part 5-Final)


Well it only took few seconds to put the weapons into already finished model, but I need time for completed model photoshoot. And here it is, the completed 1/72 Nineball from Kotobukiya.
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1/72 Crest CR-C98E2 Nineball Ver. Review (Part 1)


Just got this yesterday, and while HGUC Hrairoo and Advanced Hazel are still in progress, I can’t contain my excitement and planning to build this right away. This is my first Armored Core variable Infinity kit, and the third after Kotobukiya made after 1/144 SRW OG Alteisen Ver. Progressive and Gespenst MK.II Kwai (Albero Custom) from the same line. Before we take a look at the item itself, first the history of this red mecha.
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Gespenst MK.II Kwai Albero and HGUC ZZ GET!

hese two has just arrived

Kotobukiya 1/144 scale Gespenst Mk.II Kwai Albero custom. My second Kotobukiya and SRW OG kit. The box is slightly thicker than Alteisen ver.progressive. I haven’t count the total runner though so I can’t say if it has more parts than Alteisen.

Been wanting it back then, but finally the local online shop where I usually buy from has it in stock (after my constant pestering :D). Not much to say from this HGUC, but there’s one thing surprising : the manual is not a folded leaflet like usual HG, but instead a booklet like MG manual. The layout and style is pretty much the same with other HGUC anyway.

I still haven’t decided which one I’ll build first.

Alteisen Ver. Progressive Reviews

I’m intrigued by the designs of SRW OG mech since a long time ago. But new SRW OG animation series (The Inspector) has seal the deal and convinced me to become SRW OG fan. Anyway, this Alteisen Ver.Progressive kit is made by Kotobukiya and in 1/144 scale. Detail and size wise it’s equal to Bandai’s recent HG, but it costs as much as mid-class MG. Most likely due to Kotobukiya hasn’t got efficient manufacturing system like Bandai has, or maybe it’s just their way doing bussines :P.

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DX Chogokin 1/60 VF-25F Super Messiah (Movie Version) Review Part 2

Okay, slow update here. I still got Arbalest review to go, but new stuff keep coming in, I can’t catch up :P. Not to mention my old collections that I planned to review. Oh well, let’s move on to part 2 of DX Chogokin Super Messiah. This time, the main feature : Transformation XD

Starting with the legs' fins. Open up the cover, fold in, done
Detach the legs from its pegs
Pull the ankles out *mmm, diecast XD*
Swing the arms out. Watch those tight shoulder joints.
Swing the knees forward

So that’s it. You get the GERWALK. Lame, huh? This is the weakest-looking mode for this toy, really half-assed effort by Bandai :P. I planned to ignore posing GERWALK and move straight to Battroid. But sometime later I managed to create somewhat-decent GERWALK by detaching thigh/intakes pegs and spread the legs as far as I can. Not really stable though.

Not really my favorite mode anyway, so it's a half-assed effort too

Move on to Battroid

Fold the nosecone into landing gear cavity
Fold the crotch area and lock the peg inside
Detach the back of the plane
This looks like a mess. Indeed it is 🙂
The tricjy part is to put over the upper body passing the front fuelage
Almost done; just adjust the neck, turn the head etc etc

The rest is no brainer. Just fiddle with the head, neck, and shoulder assemblies; fold the wings, attach the optional hands & shields, and you’re basically done. Another no-brainer is that you should remove the shield and gunpod before transforming this toy. I forgot that :P.
However adjusting the neck is a bit pain, but a little bit fiddling and you should get it right.

Reviews on Battroid will follow, along with the super parts and stand 🙂