Gespenst MK.II Kwai Albero and HGUC ZZ GET!

hese two has just arrived

Kotobukiya 1/144 scale Gespenst Mk.II Kwai Albero custom. My second Kotobukiya and SRW OG kit. The box is slightly thicker than Alteisen I haven’t count the total runner though so I can’t say if it has more parts than Alteisen.

Been wanting it back then, but finally the local online shop where I usually buy from has it in stock (after my constant pestering :D). Not much to say from this HGUC, but there’s one thing surprising : the manual is not a folded leaflet like usual HG, but instead a booklet like MG manual. The layout and style is pretty much the same with other HGUC anyway.

I still haven’t decided which one I’ll build first.


Alteisen Ver. Progressive Reviews

I’m intrigued by the designs of SRW OG mech since a long time ago. But new SRW OG animation series (The Inspector) has seal the deal and convinced me to become SRW OG fan. Anyway, this Alteisen Ver.Progressive kit is made by Kotobukiya and in 1/144 scale. Detail and size wise it’s equal to Bandai’s recent HG, but it costs as much as mid-class MG. Most likely due to Kotobukiya hasn’t got efficient manufacturing system like Bandai has, or maybe it’s just their way doing bussines :P.

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