After Five Years

I haven’t touch this blog for five years. Yep.

I still love gunpla and other stuff as in 2011.

…And I guess I’m still as lazy and inconsistent in blogging as in 2011.


Anyway, I’m not dead, I got a job and quit being a NEET. I still have enough material to blog but I just don’t have the time.

Things that I need to wrap up:

1. HGUC Hrairoo is done not long after the last post. Now sits on its box in my parents’ home

2. HGUC Advanced Hazel is the same as Hrairoo

3. That Kotobukiya Gespenst Kwai Albero Custom? Haven’t touch it yet. Also it’s in my parents’ home too

4. I don’t feel like finishing that “beginning of my obsession” post

So, much of the old material is in my parents’ home. Quite far from where I live now. Guess I have to start fresh.


Just a Blurb

Once, I left this blog for about 6 months. Back then I don’t have time nor mood for blogging. Now, I have plenty of time. It’s all left on my mood now. And since my last post, to be honest, I’m not in the mood. Shit happened in real life, One of them is, I lost my cellphone. Aside from precious data (and nostalgic memory) that gone, I also lost my only tool for taking pictures. Yes, digital camera is very cheap nowadays but somehow I’m too stingy to buy it (might as well using the money for ore gunpla). I did allocated budget for a camera. But now, I used that budget to buy me a new phone.
On bright side, my new cellphone has better camera now. Yes, real camera is much better but at least this one got autofocus and macro for close-ups. I’ll get myself a good camera, and learn some basic photography when I’m ready to take my hobby MORE seriously. And professionally, not moody like I am now.
Anyway, I also lost my mood on working on gunpla so no progress MG OOQ and RXF-91. I’ll finish up my reviews on GFF ZZ Gundam, and then something that I neglected soooo long. It’s about time.