1/72 Crest CR-C98E2 Nineball Ver. Review (Part 1)


Just got this yesterday, and while HGUC Hrairoo and Advanced Hazel are still in progress, I can’t contain my excitement and planning to build this right away. This is my first Armored Core variable Infinity kit, and the third after Kotobukiya made after 1/144 SRW OG Alteisen Ver. Progressive and Gespenst MK.II Kwai (Albero Custom) from the same line. Before we take a look at the item itself, first the history of this red mecha.
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This Month Gunpla Builders Beginning D


Coincidentally with me building HGUC Gaplant TR-5 Hrairoo, this month edition of Gunpla Builders D in Hobby Japan also features Hrairoo. Gotta say the color scheme is looking great. If I have correct tools to paint my gunpla properly, I might use that color scheme for my Hrairoo. But not now unfortunately.

HGUC RX-121-2A Gundam TR-1 [Advanced Hazel] Review (Part 2)


It took quite some time to build the torso and even more for the backpack. They aren’t that complicated but there are many spots demanding for touch-ups. Most of the time I spend are painting a spot, waiting for the paint to dry, scratch the spillover, painting another layer (yellow on Titans blue is a pain), waiting for the paint to dry, and so on. But in the end, the result is more satisfying than speed build like I did years ago with Hazel Custom.
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HGUC RX-121-2A Gundam TR-1 [Advanced Hazel] Review (Part 1)


Instead of finishing HGUC Hrairoo all the way and then move on to another one, I decided to put it aside for a while and trying my hands on HGUC Advanced Hazel which I bought together with Hrairoo. This way, I will be less likely to get bored. Gotta need some change of paces I think. Anyway, about this particular gunpla, I was hesitant to get it since I already owned HGUC Hazel Custom for years. And this Advanced Hazel is actually the same kit with added parts and different paint scheme. But then I remember that I made some amateurish mistakes on Hazel Custom, and now I have the chance to fix that since I have better tools. And another reason is to complement HGUC Hrairoo like I said before. So, let’s start with runner preview.
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